¿What is the Certification Seal?

It’s a tool designed by the Asociación de Clubes Vacacionales de Quintana Roo supported by the State Tourism Secretary and The Federal Consumer Protection (PROFECO in Spanish) to distinguish those accommodations that comply with all the legal requirements to commercialize in the Touristic Timeshare System established by the State Law. Based on this ACLUVAQ makes a legal audit along with the Municipality President and the State Secretary of Tourism to all the accommodations that want to get this certification, once all the required elements are fulfilled, ACLUVAQ grant a plate with the Legally Certifed Seal
The increase of illegal Timeshare salesrooms was the main reason for the creation of this seal, we refer them as irregular or illicit for not complying with the established requirements of the Local, State and Federal regulations, where all the elements to commercialize in the Touristic Timeshare System are defined to guarantee the offered service.
The Asociación de Clubes Vacacionales de Quintana Roo intensify their work every year to be the best and offer quality service and be on top and satisfy our client's expectations, providing legal certainty to the products offered by our Associates. Our policy is: grant the certification to those that comply with all the requirements stablish by the Law.
The Legally Certifed Vacation Property seal highlights the Hotels that have enough guarantees to fully comply with the signed contracts protecting our tourist and the industry.

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Why you should look for the Legally Verified Vacation Property?

Make an investment in a legal Vacation Program, avoid misunderstanding, buy carefully.

Guarantees that all the benefits offered by the Timeshare selling company are fulfill to the consumer or buyer.

Because when a Vacation Property is certified it means that have what it takes to offer a quality service on the product you are buying.