¿Why my company should affiliate?

The Asociación de Clubes Vacacionales de Quintana Roo, A.C , has group for more than 33 years the most important hotels of our state and it’s the ideal place to know which were the strategies that these companies followed to be successful on the business, and how they work now with the new plans and programs that exist today.
Every day new changes are made for the Timeshare Industry, and some can represent a risk for your evolution, to not participate in this decision making is letting others decide for you.
Some of the laws and regulations affect the industry in a meaningful way and most of them are implement without asking the opinion of those involved, to know firsthand these guidelines, how they can affect you and your business and how you can create strategies to face them, are some facts that every leader on this field must know.
Also, to be part of one of the most respected local Association in the country allows to our affiliates to open a relation with the authorities, providing a guarantee for this companies, through 33 years of hard work for this alliance.
We believe on the next saying “There is strength in numbers” which fits in all the sectors and associations, unfortunately the requirements and needs of independent entities are not solved with the same care as it is in an Association.
In addition to the foregoing through your affiliation you’ll get the next benefits:


Nowadays on top of the Timeshare industry regulations established for each location, where the rules to be followed to carry out this commercial activity, there is a State Law that provides the guidelines for the Timeshare contracts, we also have an Official Mexican Norm for federal level that establishes the commercial information requirements and legal elements to which all the timeshare service providers must subject themselves, that in many cases creates confusion, even for the lawyers themselves, since this is an area of specialization in which few have ventured, in this regard ACLUVAQ has a legal department with more than 33 years of experience in this field.

One of the elements that helped to the success of our industry is without a doubt, the joint work with Local, State and Federal Authorities who are responsible for monitoring compliance with current legislation but the most important part is that all is fulfilled as promised to our tourists .And thanks to our commitments throughout these 33 years, the Association has managed to gain the trust and credibility of the entire community but above all of our market.

One of the most important achievements of ACLUVAQ without hesitation is self-regulation. The path that we follow to accomplish this objective has been the professional work with our authorities, something that has helped us to participate in the creation, modification, and innovation of the main regulations and laws that interfere in the industry. On 1991 the State Law that establishes the rules to which the contracts of in the Timeshare industry will be subject in the state of Quintana Roo, through this the Advisory Committee or well known as the “Comisión Consultiva” regulatory body that checks and authorize all the accommodations that commercialize in the Touristic Timeshare System. ACLUVAQ is a member of the Advisory Committee along with the Municipality President, the State Secretary of Tourism, National Fund for Tourism Development (FONATUR) representative, and the Municipal Tourism Councilor, also The Federal Consumer Protection (PROFECO) representative and the director of the National Migration Institute). For ACLUVAQ being part of the Advisory Committee is an honor, with this achievement we got the trust of our authorities to give our opinion but mostly being able to contribute with suggestions and opinions. On October 7th of 1993 in Cancun, we signed The Collaboration Agreement for Customer Complaint Attention between The Federal Consumer Protection (PROFECO) and ACLUVAQ. Another example of self-regulation is the Benito Juarez Regulation for Timeshare Promotion, which was issued in 1993, it’s important to mention that this document at first was an agreement between these entities. Thanks to the constant contact and exchange of opinions with the authorities, this agreement was signed on August 1, 1989, and in it, the Association assigned the enormous responsibility of taking control of the promoters, locations, and vehicles that are an integral part of the Timeshare.

Clearly one of the finest mechanisms for decision making that provides better results are the statistics, where all the market trends are reflected, with crucial facts and business opportunities. In this regard, ACLUVAQ gathers a range of statistical data that brings up the fair value of our industry to Local, State and Federal authorities, the private sector and the public in general. On the other hand, it gives to our associates the starting point for future decision making, it also offers the opportunity to compare their current situation and how the competitors work, in order to know if the course that they are taking is the right one.

Without a doubt the Timeshare promoters and work conditions from 30 years ago are far from what we have today, now our staff has more professional skills. It’s not a coincidence that Riviera Maya and Cancun hold the second place on Timeshare sales in the world and the first place in Latin America, but in a world that keeps changing every day, it’s important to be in the front line, that is the reason why ACLUVAQ has set out on this matter, suggesting, creating seminars, courses that provide working tools for our Associates, making them more competitive. Along with this, giving initiation sessions for new promoters, taught by the most qualify people in this field, with extensive experience, but above everything with a high professional level that guarantees efficiency on their performance.

Certainly, the success of the timeshare industry in Mexico, but mainly in Quintana Roo, is due to the regulation that exists. Before 1989, there was no Law or Legal Regulation that involved the timeshare industry. It was until that year that the Ministry of Tourism issued a regulation for our business, but until 1991 a State Law was published and in 1993 the Federal regulation is created. On the meantime the Timeshare Industry draws the attention for non-serious businessman, which under a “formal” structure were selling Vacation Club memberships, without any service guarantee or certainty that the contract would be fulfilled, about this situation, it’s important to say that most of these companies disappeared and left huge problems behind, creating in consequence mistrust on the hotels that sell this service in an honest way. As a result of this, the State Law on this matter is made, which demand specific and possible requirements for the Vacation Club or Timeshare companies to meet offering legal certainty for tourists. One of the most important characteristics is the Advisory Committee or well known as the “Comisión Consultiva” regulatory system that checks and authorizes all the accommodations that commercialize in the Touristic Timeshare System. ACLUVAQ is member of the Advisory Committee helping to gather all the mandatory documents from our associates in order to watch they comply with all the requirements, this activity is similar to a legal audit, once we finalize setting, verifying and complying the expedient, ACLUVAQ brings these files to the Advisory Committee formed by the Municipality President and the Tourism State Secretary they make sure that all requirements established by the Local, State and Federal regulations issued by us are complete. It’s important to mention this is the first step to get the Legally Certifed Vacation Property Seal